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  • Marketing your ecommerce store can be a challenge these days with competitors getting more aggressive in their marketing tactics. Fortunately, you can still promote your ecommerce store using different strategies and get positive results. Below are 10 ways that you can market your ecommerce store. 1.¬†MerchantCircle MerchantCircle offers free online advertising to businesses. An online […]

  • We have been using Bootstrap for a while now with Magento in order to deliver user-centric responsive designs. With more and more people buying from their tablets and smartphones, it’s imperative they have a good shopping experience, no matter the device. What’s big news is that this year we started using Bootstrap for all our […]

  • The Narrative and Editorial for Long Term Growth Does that title sound boring? Well, a company narrative doesn’t have to be mundane. The truth is, the companies that get it¬†are successful. During a discovery meeting last week, one of our clients leaned toward me and said, “All these commerce ‘thingies’ are great but how do […]

  • This year we have amassed a list of features that our Brick and Mortar clients are asking for. We did not include any of the Point of Sale companies in this article. I know, I know. What’s the use then? Well, we did this for two reasons: Most Magento POS companies are constantly updating their […]