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Responsive Designs

Bigcommerce Responsive Designs

We have been using Bootstrap for a while now with Magento in order to deliver user-centric responsive designs. With more and more people buying from their tablets and smartphones, it’s imperative they have a good shopping experience, no matter the device. What’s big news is that this year we started using Bootstrap for all our Bigcommerce clients as well!

Huh, what does that mean — responsive?

In short, “responsive” is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones and tablets to desktop computer monitors).” — Wikipedia

Can’t I just use the built-in Bigcommerce mobile app?

You most certainly can, but that app is simply a re-creation of your store and it needs to be updated by Bigcommerce. The app does not offer anything unique, nor does it scale on all devices. eCommerce apps were generally developed to offer a real utility or user experience that simply can’t be done in any other way and be an alternative option when phones were slower, had smaller displays and coverage was full of latency. Those times have passed and so has the need to offer an app solely for those purposes.

Ok, I get it. So now my Bigcommerce site will look good on all devices but how does being “responsive” help my business?

Three factors:

  1. Desktop sales are way down and mobile devices are way up which simply means more eyes are on those devices and fewer are on a desktop version of your responsive site.
  2. Most people are not tethered to their machine for shopping these days. They shop on the train, in bed at night, at the cafe, and even in-store. You want a consistent shopping experience regardless of the location and device.
  3. If you went through the process of having a responsive site created for your users, it probably means you have done a bunch of other customer-centric things too. Great, you and the consumer are speaking the same language. You are staying up with the times.

Ok, so if the experience is better and optimized for all these mobile customers then conversions must be easier. That’s important to my business, but why SCHAWEL+COLES for this development?


At a high level, the S+C approach is the best option for a company like yours, because these sites are un-opinionated, agnostic and extremely flexible. Behind the curtain, it’s 98% pure Bootstrap. This is important because it gives us vital flexibility to make designs look any way we want while staying responsive. On top of this, we’ve written our own slider / carousel mechanism that provides the greatest amount of client flexibility for adding content. And all this comes in a tiny code footprint.

This post is even responsive!