SCHAWEL+COLES | Who You’re Working With
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Senior Team

The “we” in Commerce.

I'll act as your personal eCommerce and UX specialist with more than a decade of deep experience.

Mike Schawel


I will be your account director and brand expert to help you navigate the project with a deft touch. I love people and projects.

Matthew Coles


As the lead back-end developer, my passion is solving problems and finding better ways to get things done.

Jason Lloyd

Lead Developer

Over the years, I have developed all sorts of websites and software. I use my broad know-how to make sites sparkle, no matter the platform.

Ricky Christensen

Front-end Developer

I use my degree in technical communication to assure clients get the site functionality and design they really want.

Tony Wang

Front End Developer

After working with astrophysicists for years, I know how to get technical. Fortunately for you, I also like making complicated things easy.

Gina Vasiloff


As someone who enjoys both problem-solving and designing, I tirelessly work to make a client's site look and function the best it can.

Tim Guthrie


Lover of arts/literature, science/nature, history, geography, entertainment and sports/leisure.

Nick Faulkner


I have been designing for nearly 20 years and delight in making clients look their very best. All things print, logo and packaging have my influence.

Jesse Walker


As a world-renown typography expert and tastemaker, I'll lend my expertise to all projects that need identity and type treatments.

Stephen Coles

Type Specialist

Your face here.


New Person

Junior Team

Our junior team consists of in-house freelancers, part-time computer geeks, and interns from the universities around Salt Lake City and New York. They help fill the gaps along with bringing a lot of diversity and ideas to the office. Contact us if you would like to learn more about being a member of our team or look through our careers section.